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Store's boss

By The Cornishman  |  Posted: July 18, 2013

  • The manager of the new Sainsbury store at Penzance, Steve Moine. PZPM20130703B-001_C.JPG

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ALTHOUGH it has no walls or a roof, a new Penzance supermarket has already hired its store manager.

Steve Moine, whose family come from St Buryan, said he had landed his dream job after being employed by Sainsbury's.

Keen to get involved with the community, he recently joined Kieran, mascot of company Kier Construction which is carrying out the build, for a visit to Ludgvan School.

"I still can't quite believe it, I am coming home to Penzance to run one of Sainsbury's newest and best stores – it's my dream job," said Mr Moine whose parents and grandparents were born in Mousehole.

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  • Loveourtown  |  August 02 2013, 1:05PM

    All the most cynical PR attempts in the world from Sainsbury's won't make the people of PZ embrace this eyesore. Cornish store manager whose 'parents and grandparents were born in Mousehole'...hmm come on The Cornishman, did you lift that straight off the press release from Sainsbury's HQ? Why would they possibly want to highlight a connection with locals? Maybe because they know they lost all local support when they reapplied, appealed and bullied their way through planning, costing local tax payers thousands each time it came back to council? If you care about PZ and want to show that big bully tactics don't work then boycott the store and make it Sainsbury's newest white elephant, local manager or not.

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  • Madz_in_Kerno  |  August 02 2013, 11:09AM

    My heart sinks when I come over the hill and see that looming monstrosity blocking the view of the bay. What on earth were the planners thinking? I was chatting to some holiday makers a couple of weeks ago and they were appalled at the state of Penzance. They don't come down here to see the chain stores, they come for the scenery and the atmosphere. We really are chucking out the baby with the bathwater. Penzance needs support for its independent small businesses, not even more competition from hulking great chains. Slow hand clap for whoever gave permission for this monstrosity, you've just added another nail to the coffin.

  • simondo9  |  August 02 2013, 10:26AM

    The last thing Penzance needed was yet another unwanted superstore forced on it. Much of the community is horrified to see a third supermarket just yards from Morrisons and Tesco's now blotting the view of Gulval in the approach to the town and to see land with an existing licensed air landing link to the Scillies destroyed for it. Penzance is on its knees already with countless shops shut and holidaymakers are appalled at the ****genisation that Cornwall County Council have been bullied into by Sainburys. Facebook is overflowing with complaints and negative remarks I have not seen a single positive comment. Big business and money yet again put before the needs desires and wants of the community Cornwall County Council should be ashamed of being so weak in allowing this to happen its a disgrace

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