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Hayle roundabout plans 'won't ease delays'

By The Cornishman  |  Posted: March 06, 2014

  • Outline plans to improve congestion at Loggans Moor Roundabout don't go far enough say Hayle Town Council.PZPM20140304A-001_C.JPG

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PLANS to improve a busy Hayle roundabout have been criticised by town councillors who say the £200,000 project will do nothing to ease delays.

Loggans Moor Roundabout on the A30 suffers from congestion during peak traffic times, which worsens significantly in the busy summer season.

The Highways Agency has proposed works costing £200,000 which include widening the northbound arm and providing two lanes on the approach, with additional road markings on the roundabout and the creation of a two-lane exit northbound.

However, they also include resurfacing a section of the road with coloured screeding called Textureflex to accommodate cyclists, effectively reducing traffic to single file in certain places.

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Several Hayle town councillors have compared the planned changes to similar 'improvements' at Chiverton Cross and say they fear it could increase rather than reduce problems.

Brian Capper said most councillors were struggling to see how the plans would make a difference.

"We're not convinced it would be beneficial," he said.

"It would appear that the improvement would actually reduce the roundabout to one lane.

"Widening the road is helpful, but at certain points it would go into a single lane; what's the point of going from two to one? We fail to see how that would increase flow-through."

Mr Capper said the junction had been operating at more than its proper capacity for a number of years and something had to be done, but it required major improvements, not just "tinkering" with the current junction.

"It took them quite a long time to come up with the scheme and get the funding for it," he said. "In the meantime we've got two planning applications for development.

"Either one or both will [require] major works [to the junction] to get it to cope with the new development, plus there's an existing agreement with ING to make changes. Why not wait and get it done properly once, rather than having disruption in the area twice?"

Construction is due to start in spring and is expected to last two months.

A spokesman for the Highways Agency, which is responsible for trunk roads such as the A30, said: "We have an outline plan of what needs to happen but as for physically how this is undertaken, the details are still being fine-tuned."

She said the plans would increase traffic capacity.

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  • wolfman1969  |  March 18 2014, 4:33PM

    Just leave it up to the specialists in this area of highways there are people out there who deal with this subject, not like councillors who sit in offices all the time and no qualification on road safety behind them.

  • Gwiwer57  |  March 11 2014, 11:42AM

    Adding lanes only adds the capacity for more traffic congestion. That lesson has been learned up-country and needs to be applied here. If the big development goes ahead in Marsh Lane then a lot more pedestrian traffic will be generated as well as many more cars. Maybe it's time to build an overpass for the A30 traffic and take it off the roundabout altogether. More money involved but it's more of a solution as well.

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  • nickthompson  |  March 08 2014, 9:31AM

    For God's sake learn from the mistakes made further up the road in Bristol, and Sth Glos, refrain from putting up traffic lights, they have, and in doing so have altered the concept of keeping traffic flowing at roundabouts by the you me, you me idea into cross roads, which creates utter chaos.

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  • Frank_Scully  |  March 07 2014, 1:02PM

    A better long term solution would be to dual the relatively short stretch of A30 between Camborne West and Loggans Moor and then segregate through and local traffic on the roundabout.

  • digger1957  |  March 06 2014, 7:05PM

    i use this roundabout twice a day and have no problem with it yes it do's get very busy but there are alot more traffic on the roads these days i see the traffic building from the camborne west junction heading west bound i have even seen cars doing a U-turn at the end of the crash barrier as you go onto the A30 from camborne now that is a hazard the problem is when you get a car driver that travels slower then the speed limit then all traffic build up behind it it's nothing to do with the roundabout

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