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Residents call for traffic to slow down in Crowlas

By The Cornishman  |  Posted: June 22, 2013

Residents call for traffic to slow down in Crowlas

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CROWLAS residents are calling for better speed restrictions to stop motorists zooming through their village.

A mini-roundabout and traffic light sensors are two suggestions being put forward by people fed up with speeding drivers.

But despite the latest call for action on the road, local Cornwall councillor Roy Mann said little could be done.

One of those appealing for traffic-calming measures contacted The Cornishman after another minor shunt caused problems last week.

"We have a lot of accidents here," said Mark Squire.

"We need to slow the traffic coming through the village; drivers come through at 70mph."

Mr Squire, who has lived in the village for 16 years, believes one way of stopping speeding is to create a mini-roundabout.

"We wont get a bypass because the money isn't available but there is room for a mini-roundabout by the crossroads coming in to Crowlas from the Penzance direction," he said.

The 57-year-old added that some drivers don't even stop at the village's pelican crossing, putting pedestrians at risk.

"My children use that crossing every day and it does worry me," he said. "Even when the light goes red cars go straight through or if they stop they get rear-ended by those driving behind them."

Agreeing that more should be done to make motorists ease off the gas pedal is Philip Green, sub-postmaster and shop owner.

He believes working speed cameras and a system which turns the traffic lights on the A30 red when someone is pulling out of nearby Chapel Square would help ease problems.

"Most drivers go faster than 40mph," he said.

"We need traffic-calming at both ends of the village.

"If we had speed cameras that caught people speeding and going through the traffic lights on red people would drive more carefully.

"It wouldn't cost too much because they would make their money back with the fines."

Ludgvan county councillor Roy Mann said he had looked into the possibility of a mini-roundabout before but had been told by the Highways Agency that the scheme was not suitable for the site.

"They looked at the roundabout issue but because of the rise in the road there was a problem with visibility," he said.

"As a councillor I can only make recommendations to the Highways Agency but I think a speed camera or speed monitoring to start off with would be good."

He called on anyone keen to see changes to the road to also contact the Highways Agency.

A spokesman for the authority said they had not received any recent correspondence in the Crowlas area about speed issues on the A30 through the village.

"While speed limit enforcement is the responsibility of the police we are always happy to discuss any concerns about the operation of our roads raised."

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  • josdave  |  June 23 2013, 7:42PM

    Apart from traffic calming measures another possibility is to have a mobile speed camera in the village and when it is moved publicise the number of speeding motorists caught. These people have no regard for anyone but themselves and in spite of the fact that they are "in charge" of a ton of metal travelling at speed do not think they are doing anything wrong. It's the whole "why aren't they (the police) out there catching real criminals" culture that needs addressing.

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  • longrocker  |  June 22 2013, 11:33AM

    We also have this problem in Long Rock, there seems to be more concern regarding the Mexico rail crossing. local residence in Crowlas and Long Rock are risking their lives every day, surely the Council have a duty of care .. money should not be an issue, if the council addressed the problem of the money they are wasteing, this money would go a long way towards making Crowlas, Long Rock and of course other villages that have to endure the risk of death or injury by speeding motorists a safer place to live .. the council should act now ! you cannot put a price on a life .

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