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By The Cornishman  |  Posted: February 27, 2014

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Philip Osborne Hitchens, St Buryan

THE FUNERAL service has taken place at St Buryan Parish Church of Philip Osborne Hitchens, aged 82.

The service was conducted by the Reverend Mike Searle and the Reverend Harry Burlton.

Mr Phil Chant was the organist, granddaughter Rebecca read a poem, brother Charlie Hitchens and friend Des Hosken gave tributes and St Buryan Male Voice Choir sang Philip's favourite choir pieces.

Interment followed at St Buryan Cemetery.

There was standing room only in the church, full of friends and family wishing to show how Philip was held in high esteem by everyone who met him, a gentleman with a big smile, always ready to help everyone.

Philip was born on November 21, 1931, the eldest son of Willie and Sarah Hitchens. He had two sisters and a brother.

He was educated at St Pauls' School, Penzance. Aged 11, he joined the Boys' Brigade, which he thoroughly enjoyed, and was a band member with the nickname Cymbals Hitchens.

As a young lad Philip could always be found at the railway station as he was a fanatic about taking all the names and numbers of the trains entering the station. They were all logged in his little book, and his bedroom wall was full of pictures of locomotives.

On leaving school the family automatically thought Philip would work on the railway, but he surprised everyone when he decided to work on the land with local farming families.

He continued working on the land for quite a few years and enjoyed being part of the Young Farmers' Club, with which he served in many roles and represented the club at national conferences.

On leaving the land he went to work for Cornwall Farmers Limited at Penzance, where he was well thought of throughout the farming fraternity. He worked his way up from driver to manager. Philip would help the farmers out in their time of need, day or night, delivering the vital supplies; nothing was ever too much trouble. He continued to be Cornwall Farmers' manager until he retired.

Meeting Corinne was very special, as he knew this was the one. They married and made their home at Tremethick Cross. They enjoyed 54 years of married life together and he always felt very lucky to have two daughters, Linda and Jackie.

As a family, they moved from Tremethick Cross to Penzance where they continued to live and where his family grew up, Philip becoming a very proud grandad to Adam, Sara and Rebecca.

Philip was a member of St Buryan Male Voice Choir and one of its longest-serving members. He sang until he could no longer attend practices, but he still enjoyed his times at the Mounts Bay Club and working with Rotary, which he continued for as long as he could.

Even when his health was not 100 per cent it did not stop him from continuing to deliver Meals on Wheels and transporting people to their hospital appointments and Pengarth Day Centre.

In 2012 he was awarded the BEM which he received with great pride, although he never expected this, as he just loved people and helping them.

Philip will be greatly missed by all his family but will always be remembered with love and great pride.

Family and friends attending: Mrs Corinne Hitchens, wife; Mrs Linda and Mr Martin Oliver, daughter and son-in-law; Mrs Jackie and Mr Micky Merriman, daughter and son-in-law; Mr Adam Oliver, grandson; Miss Sara Merriman, granddaughter; Miss Rebecca Merriman, granddaughter; Mrs Betty James, sister; Mrs Gladys and Mr Barney Nowell, sister and brother-in-law; Mr Charlie and Mrs Ayronwen Hitchens, brother and sister-in-law; Mr and Mrs RC James, nephew; Mr and Mrs Chris Nowell, nephew; Mr and Mrs Clive Nowell, nephew; Mr and Mrs Bruce Ashley, niece and husband; Paul Hitchens, nephew; Hayley Hitchens, niece, rep Danny Jehu; Joanne Marks and David Batchelor, niece and partner; Lee-Anne and Neil Clemence, niece and husband; Danette Marks, niece; Mr Shane Marks, nephew; Mr Stacey Marks, nephew; Mr Ben Nowell, great-nephew; Mr Luke Nowell, great-nephew; Mr Isaac Marks, great-nephew; Barry Marks, brother-in-law; Mrs N Sincock, cousin; Mrs C Semmens, cousin; M Drew, cousin; Mary Watters, cousin; Mrs P Mitchell, cousin, rep David Mildren, cousin; Mr and Mrs N Booker, rep Mr and Mrs C Semmens and Mr P Semmens, cousins; Mrs S Glasson, cousin, rep Mr E Glasson and Mr and Mrs T Addicoat; Mrs Valerie Hallett, Mr Steven Hallett, Mr Alan and Mrs Pauline Nicholls, Charlotte Webb, Mrs Vera Weeks, Mrs Alice Cocks and Mr H Osborne; Mr Ashley and Mrs. Susan Dunn, rep Karen, Tracy and Charlie; Adrian and Bev Cocks, Emma Cocks; Mrs C John, rep Mr Malcolm Johns and family; Lesley Hitchens, rep Constance Hitchens, Linda Long and the Jelbert family; Mr and Mrs A Weeks, rep Mr and Mrs Stephen Weeks and Mr Roy Archer; Mr and Mrs S Bradbury, rep the Scope West Cornwall Committee, Mrs J Marks, Mrs N Wallis, Mrs M Carter, Mrs I Thomas; Richard and Marlene Stevens, rep the family and Mr John Harry; Mr A Harvey, rep Mrs P Harvey and Mr and Mrs C Keskeys; Mr and Mrs C Bryant, Margaret Trewern, Mr and Mrs Hocking; Mr Richards, rep Mrs Richards and John Hosking; Mr and Mrs MC Bone, rep the family and Mr JM Laity; Mr Ken Cargeeg, rep Mrs Joyce Cargeeg, Mr and Mrs Michael Richards; Mr and Mrs J Lawry, Mr and Mrs FJB Mumford; Mr George Sampson, rep Mr and Mrs JM Laity; Graham Richards, rep Mounts Bay Club; Diane and Roger Freeman, rep Deborah and Anne, J North and D Rule; Mrs Z Roberts, WJ Trewern; Mrs K Matthews, rep Mr J Matthews and family, Miss I Rogers; Chris Wagworn, rep Pengarth Day Centre; Roy Trevennen, Richard Benny; Kevin Knott (MBC), rep Gordon Denney; Mrs M Bastian; Mr and Mrs William Thomas, rep the Thomas Family, Trevear, and Mr Eric Sleet; Melville Wherry, rep Mr and Mrs Arthur Matthews, Mr and Mrs Trevor Wherry, Mrs Eileen Wherry; Mr R Jenkin, rep Mrs M Jenkin, Fiona Bone, David Jenkin, Sue Watts; Heather and Roy Rapson, rep the Inner Wheel and Rotary Club, Penzance, and David and Wendy Jones; Mr R Baxter, rep Mrs V Baxter, Mr R Trezise, Mrs V Trezise; Miss Jayne Hocking (Mr Michael Hocking, Mr Philip Hocking, Mr Nigel Hocking, Mr John Loosemore; Mr Hardaker, Roger Tilly, Fred and Lucille Donnithorne; Charles Parke, rep Karen Parke; Mr Roy Matthews, rep Caroline Willcocks, Mrs Joan Matthews and family; Di and Dennis Barnes; Charles Symons, rep Mrs J Symons and St John Ambulance; Mr and Mrs Michael Nicholas, rep Mr and Mrs Joan Nicholas and Mr C Jackson; Mr and Mrs John Hardern; Paul and Jenifer Leggo, rep Mr Geoffrey Leggo; George Goldburn, Maggie Lutey; Harry Thomas, rep Lindy Henderson, David, Ben and James; Malcolm Boase, rep Dawn Boase, Debora, Kenny and Leah Horwell, Clayton and Wendy Carne; JG Eddy, rep John Jackson; Mrs E Matthews, rep Mr M Angove; Emmanuel and Elizabeth Eddy, Mr and Mrs D Trudgeon, Miss Tessa Trudgeon; Mr Mervyn Thomas, rep Mrs Thomas; Mr James Bennetts; Mrs Alex Swan, rep the family; Mr and Mrs A Nicholls, rep JS and AM Nicholls, Boswarthen Farm, and the Hichens family, Carne Farm; Mr C Simons, rep Mr and Mrs R Simons, rep the Simons family; Mrs L Lawry, rep Mr S Lawry and Mrs GI Gilbert; Mrs S Bateman, rep Mr J Bateman; Mrs M Christmas; Mrs B Cocks, rep Mr and Mrs Grundy, Mr and Mrs Williams; Clive Noy, rep Cornwall Farmers, Maggie Moore and Mrs Noy and families; Blaine and Ginette Kearey, rep Tazeena and Lyra and Ali Bowen; Marney Williams, rep Gareth, Brianna and Leland; Mrs K Young, rep Phoenix Care, and friend; Kerriann Young; Anthony Holman, rep Beth Holman, Lucinda Giselle and Selwyn; Martin Higgs, rep Pensans School; Mary Giles; Graham and Diane Hickman, rep Penzance Rotary Club; Nick Clift; Mr and Mrs G Hampton, rep Samantha Curnow, Mrs B Trembath and Mrs R Pollard; Mr and Mrs Charles Bryant; Maria Tregaskes, rep Sandra Cocks; Mr Anthony Williams, rep St Buryan Male Voice Choir; Mrs H Symons, rep Mr A Symons; Mrs Murphy, Clifford Grenfell, Graham and Barbara Hattam; RT Davey, rep Janet and Julie Davey; Jon Robertshaw, rep Sue; Richard Hosking, rep Mrs J Watkins; Joan Carne, rep all the family; Carolyn Care, rep Richard Care and all at Downs Barn; John Force, rep Penzance Investment Club; Mrs AM George, rep Mr and Mrs A Thomas; Liam and Jessica Kearey, rep Tyler and Lewis; Roy Nicholls, rep Mounts Bay Club and Mr Paul Trudgeon; Mrs M Temby, rep Richard Laight; Mr Graham Carter, rep Paul, Luke and Helen Carter; Mr G Jenkin, rep the president of the Mounts Bay Club, and P LeSaux, chairman; GW Nicholls, rep Lionel Sincock; Mr and Mrs A Lawry, rep Eric Rich and M Christopher; Mr and Mrs Robert Williams, rep Marazion Apollo Choir; George Stone, rep the Stone family and Eustace Eddy; Ernie Bowden, rep Mary Bowden; Mr R Osborne, rep Mr and Mrs C Osborne and Mrs S Youngson; Pam Smith, rep Phil Smith; Mr and Mrs Keith Eddy, rep Mr and Mrs White, Blanen, St Buryan; Howard Eddy, rep Eric Care; John Anderson, rep Liz Anderson; Karen Inch, rep Jackie (LeSaux); Mr and Mrs R. Kirkup, rep the Rotary Club; Ken Bottrell, rep St Buryan Choir; Mr and Mrs E Harris (St Just); Mrs Angela Harper, rep Christine Pearce; Mr R Davies, rep Mrs B Davies; Mr EJ Hampton, Alan Calvert; Mr and Mrs P Torrie, rep Mr and Mrs R Payne; Mrs Jill Thomas, Rachel Cripps; Mrs Frances Williams, rep Mr Peter Williams; Desmond Nicholls, Mr and Mrs Brian Cary; Mrs Tina Clark, rep Mr Marcus Clark and Mr and Mrs TW James; Mrs A Eddy, Mary Bennetts, Mr and Mrs A Wade; Dereck Angove, rep Stephen, Luke and Michael Matthews; Mrs P Heath, rep Mrs Grace Bailey; Sally Allen, rep Angela Driscoll and Pensans Primary School; Bridget Shrosbree, rep Harold Bowden; Andrew Oatey, rep Fisons Ltd; Mr and Mrs M Rowe; Ann Spencer, rep Mr Graham Spencer; Mr M Nicholls, rep Mrs M Nicholls and Dr and Mrs Michael Hersant; Lin and Bob Hulks, Anthony Way, Margaret Matthews; Clare Sharp, rep Ken Sharp; Roger and Nora Pearce, Mr J Rodda; Laurie and Kay Forde, rep Ray and Mary Allen; Alex Grigg, rep Mr Roy Campbell; Mr and Mrs John Rich (Truro), rep Sally and family, Mr M Glover, Mr B Glasson, Cornwall Farmers and Mrs IB Pascoe; Mr B Ellis, rep Mr GB Ellis; Mr RS Jenkin; Mr Len Delbridge, rep Mrs P Delbridge; Mrs B Matthews; Mrs J Cargeeg; Mrs S Hosking, rep Mr W Hosking and Mr and Mrs J Hosking; Mr and Mrs J Hall; Mrs A Hicks, rep Mr and Mrs J Eddy and Mr G Hicks; Mr E Stevens; Mr and Mrs D Worledge, rep Mr C Reeves and SH Ellis; Mrs EC Thomas, rep Mr M Thomas, Mr and Mrs T Farmer and Penzance Salvation Army; Mr and Mrs H Gilbert, rep Mr K Trembath; Miss EM Pengelly; Mr T Roberts, rep Nigel and Claire; May Hutchings, rep William Jelbert; Tom Tilly, rep M Tilly; Mr JG Cornish, rep Mrs Cornish; Valerie Humphrys, rep Garfield Humphrys; Mr and Mrs A Collins, rep Mr R Collins and Miss M Collins; Mr and Mrs John Jago; JD Coad; Mrs Coad, rep JEC Scoble; Eddie Hocking, rep Desmond Jenkin; Mr and Mrs Phil Pengelly, rep Brian Needham, Australia; John Uren; Mr D James, rep Mrs J James, Douglas Williams; Mrs H Nicholls; Mr Billy Collins, rep Judith Collins, Matthew and Daniel, WAAC Ploughing Committee; Mr and Mrs K Prouse, rep Penzance St John Ambulance; Mr and Mrs M Hattam, rep Mrs T Skewes, Tim and Penny, Mr and Mrs Robert Smith; David and Joan Roberts; Mr Thornley and Mrs Hilary Gwennap, rep the family; Elizabeth Richards, Ivan Rowe, Roger and Margaret Grey; Mr D Jelbert, rep Mrs C Jelbert and Mr Ian Jelbert; Mrs M Trezise, rep St Buryan Choir Ladies' Committee; Mr Tony Lancaster, rep Tim and Linzi Lancaster and the boys; Mr and Mrs M Stuckey, rep Mrs C Fisher, Miss B Fisher, head teacher Jackie Brant, the staff and governors of St Mary's Roman Catholic School and Mrs LGG Ash; Mr Michael Hanbley; Mr G Murley, Roger Culley, Mrs Yvonne Farmer, Mr Michael Hicks, Eleanor Burne-Jones, Chris Angove, Roger Cargeeg; T Prowse, rep the Prowse family; Mr WE Hicks, Marion Curnow; Trewey Davy, rep Humphry Davy and Adelaide; Captain Bernard Stevenson, rep Mrs Beverley Stevenson; Mr Roger Richards, rep John Ardagh; Mrs D Williams, rep Mrs J Kewn; Mr and Mrs G Hawken, rep Mounts Bay Rotary Club, Mrs E Wilson, Mr and Mrs RJ Jelbert and Noel Green; Mr T Drew, rep Mounts Bay Club and Mrs W Drew; Liz and Ted Rockey; Mrs Wendy Grose, rep Mr F Grose; Mr J Symons, rep Penzance Rotary Club; Mary Yellop; Mrs P Ellis, rep Mr R Taylor; Mr and Mrs R Thomas; Jessamine Blackborn, rep David Gregory; the Reverend David Woods; Clive Trezise, rep Phyllis Trezise and C Olds; Mr and Mrs L Burridge, rep the Rotary Club; Mr Jack Dennis; Mr F Jory, rep Mrs B Jory; Mary Galbraith, David Galbraith, Mr and Mrs Clive O'Connor; Tina Hill, rep Jamie, Cameron and Frazer Hill; Mr B Rhodda, rep Gavin and Mr and Mrs Philip Howells; Prue Willday, John Willday, Mr Brian Harvey; Catherine Pearce, rep Phoenix Care and Mr Philip Pearce; Mrs Audrey Greet; Mrs G Bailey, rep Mr C Bailey; Mr John Phillpotts; Christine Pengelly, rep John Pengelly and Philip Pengelly; Kay Williams, rep the ladies' committee and Mrs Margaret Sedgeman and family; Bethany Rich; Mr Nigel Gill, rep Mrs Caroline Gill; Mr KS Berryman, Sonia Ellis; Linda Szlichta, rep Rob, Gemma and Matthew Szlichta, Julia Rescorla-Ryan and Denise Sopp; Mandy May, rep Peter, Maxine and Josh May and Sarah Field and Teresa Williams; Mr C Jelbert, rep Mrs S Jelbert, Mr and Mrs FG Reynolds, Mr and Mrs R Jeffery and Mr MJ Scoble; Mr Tom Waters, rep Mrs A Waters and Mr and Mrs Norman Bunney; Brian and Margaret Jewell, rep Marion Badcock, Neville Noy, Ivor and Susan James, Mark and Adele James; Mrs Ruth Curnow, Scope West Cornwall Committee, rep Mrs Beryl Coram, Scope West Cornwall Committee and Mr and Mrs DJ Tregonning-Matthews; Tony Jenkin, Mrs Ann Jenkin, Mr Paul Jenkin, Mr Mike King; Mr P George, rep Mrs AM George, Mr M Dyer, Heamoor News and Mr and Mrs Adrian Thomas; Mr and Mrs S Pritchard, rep Mrs E Wakfer and family and Mrs E Waters; Mr and Mrs TG Stratton; Mr Mike Pedley, rep Joy and Peter Donahue, Darren Pratt, Mr and Mrs Billing, Cornwall Farmers; Mr and Mrs Jack Williams, rep Christopher and Walter Williams; Mr Mike Burroughs, rep Diana, Philip and Hannah Burroughs and Mrs Sylvia Burroughs; Mr Tony Jones, rep Liz and family; Mr Russell Jackson, Mr Christopher Furse, Mr John Richards; Mr WJ Thomas, Mr Peter Brook, Mr Graham Nicholas, all rep Mounts Bay Club; Mr Hedley Nicholls, rep Mounts Bay Club and Dennis Nicholls; Mr Roger Bond, rep Gillian and Richard Bond and John Jeffery; Mrs Betty Sincock, rep Rex Sincock and Penzance Orpheus Ladies' Choir and Mounts Bay Singers; Mr and Mrs WJ Thomas, rep John Thomas and Stuart Thomas; Mr and Mrs Des Hosken; Helen Lugg, rep Pengarth Day Centre and Denise Button; Mr John Sampson; Frederick Smith, rep Mrs Sheila Smith, Mrs Irene Parsons, Mr and Mrs Robin Meek; Mr Graham Michell, rep the family; Mr R Freeman; Mr G Tilly, rep Mrs A Tilly; the Reverend Yvonne Hobson, rep Mr Don Hobson; Martha Willbye, rep Glenn Willbye; Mrs Freda Baker, rep the Inner Wheel; Elizabeth Stubbings; Mr B Stephens, rep S Stephens and family; Mrs Astrid Grant, Mr Roger Roberts; Mrs Margaret Hosken, rep Timothy Hosken; Mrs Deborah Netherway, rep Sarah Sharp; Mr Stephen Sinclair; Mrs Betty Cary, rep Mrs Joy Warren and Mr Philip Bond; the Reverend Philip Williams; Mr and Mrs Paul Greaves, rep Pirates Amateurs RFC; Mr Vyvyan Ryan, rep Cornwall Farmers; Mr Keith Sowden, rep Cornwall Farmers; Mrs Tina Halls, rep the family; Mrs Carol Harvey, rep Neil Harvey; Mr William James, rep Mr TW James; Mr Denzil Oates, Margaret and Norman Woolcock; Kyle Kearey, rep Holly, Amber and Harper; Jody and Anika Marr, rep Oscar and Fletcher, Kath Oliver and Louise and Neville Friggens; Mrs Jennifer Williams, rep Mr Peter Williams and Keith Brown; Mr and Mrs C Bota; Mr and Mrs Robert Eddy; Mrs E Liddicoat, rep Mr D Liddicoat; Robin and Marian Bailey; Mr Chris Roskrow, formerly of Cornwall Farmers; Mr Nicholas Clift, rep Helga Clift, Mr and Mrs Mark Berryman; Mr and Mrs AR Cooper, Marian and John Gosling, Mr Russell Whitlock, Mr Nigel Hocking; Mr Robert Eddy, rep Mr JC Eddy and Mr R Green; Mr John Skewes, Mrs A Gazzard, Mr John Perry; Mr James Wallis, rep the Wallis family, Rose-an-Val, Ludgvan; Mr G Giles, rep Mr Eric Care; David Jeffery, rep Margaret Jeffery, Mr and Mrs Godfrey Hosking; Mr CH Verrant, rep Jo and Patricia Thomas.

St Buryan Male Voice Choir: Brett Farmer, Mike Hattam, Jon Wooldridge, Don Lockwood; Graham Eddy, rep John Jackson; Brian Wood, George Bennetts, Jack Thomas, Rose Ellis, David Trezise, Doug Alford, Ivan Rowe, Dennis Aldborough, Andrew Schlemmer, Steve Kettlewell, Steve Edwards, Anthony Williams, John Iles, Howard Eddy, Michael Searle, Geoffrey Giles, Annette Turton; Dick Waterson, rep John Phillips; Ken Bottrell, Edward Harris, John Perry, Clive Williams.

Unable to attend: Mr and Mrs Matthew Hitchens, nephew and wife; Mr Andrew Hitchens, nephew; Mr and Mrs Bryan Marshall.

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