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By The Cornishman  |  Posted: July 18, 2013

TK Robins

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Thomas Robins, Penzance

THE FUNERAL has taken place at Penzance Cem- etery Church of Thomas Kent Robins, 27, of Penzance. The Reverend Julyan Drew conducted the service.

Tom's family were joined by his many friends to celebrate his life. Music Tom had always enjoyed was played and tributes were read by Danny and Tony to their brother.

The service was followed by interment in a family grave.

Family and friends attending: Nadine Robins, mum; David Robins, dad; Danny and Jean Robins, brother and sister-in-law; Tony Robins and Helen, brother and partner; Lewis Robins, nephew; Tommy Robins, nephew; Michelle Carr, cousin; Morgan Carr, cousin; Carol Ashmore, aunt; Mr Dale Prisk and Eileen Piggott, uncle and partner; Mrs N Prisk, gran; Mr Mark Prisk and Joanne Monckton, uncle and aunt; Dean Hasler, Luke Johnson, Aaron Williams, Paul Withers, Tristan Jose, Jon Peters, Karl La'Roche, chosen bearers; Sinead Clancy, Rae Chinner, Louise Nicholls, Aunty Mary, family; Margaret and Arthur Clayton, aunt and uncle; Eileen and Simon Whitely, aunt and uncle; Demelza Prisk, cousin; Phyllis Kliskey, cousin, rep Edie and Shirley; Amy Holland, Trish, Sue Clayton, Liz Wilson, Leanne Keith, Liam Douglas, Steven Blowy; Eileen Simon, rep the family; Martin Nicholls, rep the family; William Mildren, rep the family; Lee Hasler, rep the family; Lisa Berryman, rep the family; Emma Berryman, rep the family; Geoff Berryman, rep the family; Ashley New, rep the family; John Palin, rep the family; Alex Burbin, rep the family; Tamara Durbin, rep the family; Eliot Kirby, rep the family; Darren James and Rebecca, cousins; Phil Martin, Teresa Fogarty, Abby Walton, Luke Buckingham, Roxanne Perry, Darren Boyns, Mrs Dawn Sillem, Kirsty and Dexter King, Tom Oliver, Bubz Welch, Luke Tartaglia, Talon Fisher, Ben Tartaglia, Jake Steabler, Gabriel Burman, Paul Ead, Shahna Challen, Ashley Williams, Martin Clemens, Jesse Hall, Jason Phipps, Coby Mildren, Wilfy Jenkin, Henry Cozens, Nathan Walsh, Marcus Cockle, James Eustice, Matthew Rescorla, Ian Elliott, Brian Cocks, Curtis Cockle, Treve Cooper, Lilly Barden, Michelle Dallimore; Mr and Mrs D Mitchell, rep Pete Trehair; Jo Williams, Alex Sowden, Jonny Hawken, Declan Hawken, Lauren Doyle, Sally Freeman, Stephanie English, James Mace, Georgia Spinks, Emily Fayer, Callum Moffat, Aaron Bressington, Gemma Harvey, Fiona Stevens; Angela Illston, rep management and staff, Tesco; Sally Peters, Jonathan Peters, Chris Hammill, Tilly Adams, Kane Hanlam, Amy Holland; Shelley Rogers, rep Lewis Rogers and family; Stephen Coyle, Lesley Croucher, Lorraine Roan, Jason Davies, Billy Davies, Daisy Davies, Trystan Boyns; Alison and Vivian Mildren, rep Kharis and Joe Lory; Andrew Hitchens, Adam Hitchens, Edward Jones, Sian Fisher, Thomas Matthews, Cory Jose, Rob Whithers, Bill Arnold, Tony Bickford, Daisy Mitchell, Liam Curnow, Sam Willmott, Simon Storey, Emma Lavers, Charlotte Fairley, Peter Roberts, Shannan Dayus, Simon Fuller, Jamie Burr; Ellie and Chas James, rep Mr and Mrs DL Tregenza and Mr and Mrs M Arnold and Sarah; Mr M Matthews, Mrs K Matthews, Marcia Sampson, Lamorna Wheller, William Mildren, Matthew Madron, Robert Ninnis, Robin Tremethick, Marley Morgan, Lee Angove, Daniel Taylor, Adam Williams, Nick Coles; Zoe Moffatt, rep Kharis Mildren; Kirie Tredrea, Faye Morris, Mr and Mrs DS Osborne, Christine Buchanan, Mr and Mrs A Osborne, Mr and Mrs Murphy, Mitchell Gilbert, Alison Hasler, Alisa Bowden, Mr and Mrs P Jilbert, Kate Barden, Mr Morrison, Sam Erijota, Leonie Parsons; Helen Williams, rep Graham Williams; Emily Barnes; Sally Williams, rep Jemma Williams; Rachel Williams, rep Mark, Dylan and Jasmin; Tommy Jackson, Jordan Jackson, Ben Dugdale, Andrew Jenkins, James Squirks, Luke Walker, Scott Richards, Ryan Angove, Josh Barr, Peter Richards, Zane Bailey, Mrs Hall, Kyle Finlay, Holly Outram, Keziah Gregory, Jess Underwood, James Stewart, Ruby Bowden, Mr and Mrs A Boynes and Jamie, Joe Gillam, Aaron Roan, Mark Davies; Beverly Davies, rep the family; Emily Davies, Stephen Crossman, Megan Sheppard, Sharon Brickley, Lauren Henderson, Zac Simmonds, Connie Strowger, Tim Chapman, Ziggy Nicholas, Maureen Jones, David Jones, Nichola Moon, Iona Cloke, Josh Wallis, Mrs Janet Moffatt, Mr and Mrs B Henderson, Josh Roberts, Sophie Lavers, Jordan Gamble, Emma Lyton, Daniel Hosking, Sapphir Walsh.

There were family flowers and donations were also received. Funeral directors: Burroughs and Kearey, rear of Barwis Terrace, Penzance.

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