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By The Cornishman  |  Posted: March 14, 2013

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Ernest Anthony Ellis

ST UNY PARISH CHURCH, Lelant, was full to overflowing for the funeral of Mr Ernest Anthony (Tony) Ellis, of Trevarrack, who has died at West Cornwall Hospital, aged 74.

The service was conducted by the Reverend Harry Burlton and the hymns We Plough The Fields And Scatter and Abide With Me were accompanied by organist, Mr Nigel Baker.

The tribute was given by family friend Mr Hamilton Hawkin, who later joined other members of the Godrevy Singers in a selection of some of Tony's favourite Cornish songs. Interment followed in St Uny Churchyard.

Tony was born in Penzance before moving to Trevarrack where he spent the rest of his life. He married Joyce on January 9, 1960. They later purchased the old Trevarrack School before converting it into the Tyringham Arms, which they ran for many years.

Tony was also well known in farming circles, with son David, for their successful haulage and cattle business.

Family attending: Mrs Joyce Ellis, wife; Mrs and Mrs David and Gail Ellis, son and daughter-in-law; Ben and Matthew Ellis, grandsons; Mr and Mrs C Williams, brother and sister-in-law; Mr J Callaway, brother-in-law; Mr and Mrs T Polkinghorne, brother and sister-in-law, rep Mrs H Pearce and Geoff and Daphne Chudly, Exeter; Mr C Williams, nephew, rep Mrs J Williams and family; Mr M Williams, nephew, rep Mrs M Williams and family; Mr K Williams, nephew, rep Mrs L Williams and family; Mr J Williams, nephew, rep Mrs M Williams and family; Alison Collins, cousin, rep Rene Badge; Bruce Nicholas, cousin rep Rosalind Nicholas; Ronnie and Margaret Badge, cousin, rep Rene Gilbert; Brian and Wendy Chivers, cousin; Mr Neil and Mrs Leigh Jackson, née Leigh Ellis, Launceston, cousin; Mrs Penny Ellis, cousin, and daughters.

Friends attending: Mr and Mrs PJ Olds, rep family, Mr and Mrs D Ladner and Mrs ME Bone; Mrs Monica Olds; Mr WJ Thomas, rep John and Stewart Thomas; Mr and Mrs William Prowse; Mr Michael Prowse, rep Mary Prowse; Marguerite Philp, rep Marguerite Catering; Lionel Pascoe, rep Ivor Mann, from Joan Coad & Son; B Grose, Mr and Mrs Mike Richards, PC and AM Stephens, John Symons; Patrick Sandow, rep Mrs D Sandow; Roy Mann, Balnoon; Rhona Giles, rep the Giles family, Kerris, Trevilley and Mr J Pengelly; Mr Perry, rep Nikki Smith and Mr and Mrs Jelbert; Victor Rogers, Anne Rogers; Roger Tilly, rep D Lawry; Mr F Cotterill, rep Mrs I Cotterill; Roger Speck, rep Kivells, Liskeard; Mrs J Richards, rep Mrs P Mann; Paul Rodda, rep Mark, Rachel and David Rodda; ST Rodda, rep PR Rodda; Mr and Mrs Vivian Penrose; Piers Brendon, rep Mr J Medland; Matthew Collins, Clive Pellow; George Rogers, rep Mrs ME Rogers Snr and Mr and Mrs W Rogers and family; Colin Trezise, rep Peter Trezise; Mr and Mrs E Allen, rep Mr S Allen; Chris James, rep TC James & Son; Anthony James, rep RJ Trevail; Christopher Prior; John Tilly, rep Mary Tilly, Martin and Andrea Rogers; Paul Richards, rep Mrs J Richards and Mr Richards; E Jenkin, rep Mrs S Jenkin; Richard Benney, AW Sunderland, Linda Goddard, Cathy and John Pavitt, G Knowles; Andrew Body, rep Body family and Lodge & Thomas; Mr N George, rep Mr J Rogers, Bosliven Farm, Mr M Wherry, Mr and Mrs JHM Nicholas and family, Mr Robert Cook, Mr Joe Badcock, Isles Of Scilly, Mr and Mrs D Jeffery, Mr and Mrs D Semmens, and Harvey Bros, St Ives; Mr Humphries, Roger Kitchen; Mr Nick Pascoe, rep Phillip Pengelly, Glynn Davies and Paul Harris; Mr Ralph Olds, rep Stephen Olds; RH Wallis, rep the Wallis family; CP Richards, rep Mrs J Richards; Marion Richards, rep Henry Richards and Mr J Badcock; Jonathan McCotter, Mrs Mary Pearce, Mrs Karen Martyn, Malcolm Gilbert, Steve Henwood, Pete Barker; Mr and Mrs N Roberts, rep Mr T Roberts, Mr and Mrs S Bradbury, Mr and Mrs M Williams; Mrs Margaret Lello, rep Mr Chris Lello, Paul and Julie and Mr Hugh Lello; Geoff and Carolyn Hollow, rep Boskennal Shoot, Dr R Hawkey – Mole Valley, Mr M Allen – Forage Services, Mole Valley Farmers, Mr B Harper – Harpers Home Mix, Mr J Brown, Mr D Jeffery, Mr and Mrs M Toman, Mr R Bellemy, Mr V Ryann – Cornwall Farmers; Mr Billy Winn, rep Jen Winn; Mr Neville Richards, rep Mrs Val Richards; Mr Michael Richards, rep Maureen Richards; Mrs Tracy Nicholas, rep Mrs Mary James; Mr Alan Richards, Mr Antony Richards; Maria & Dawn Ellis, Maria Ellis's son Mr Lewis Laity, rep Miss Shirley Renowden, Miss Meg Scotting, Old Mill Stables; Mr PD Hocking, rep Mr CM Hocking, Miss K Hocking, Mr N Hocking, Mr JT Hocking, Miss H Rogers, Mr J Pearce, Mr B Lawrey; Conway Bailey, Mr and Mrs Judith and Nat Long; Mrs Linda Taylor, rep Ted Taylor and family; Mr David Harvey, rep Paul Cricket Club, Mr and Mrs John Lawry, Mrs Doreen Brooks and Mr Graham Mitchell; Mr Geoffrey Jelbert; Graham Stone, rep GT Stone & Son; Mr Stuart Willey; Mr C Jelbert, rep Mr B Jewel; Mr and Mrs AL Nash, rep Betty and Dennis and Derek Cattran; Mr Richard Dennis, rep Kivells and Colin Sobey; Mr Kelvin Heard, rep Jaspers; Mr Les Ladner; Mr Richard Angove, rep Helen Angove, Geoff Lawrey and Brian Lambrick; Mr Martin Richards, rep George Richards; Clare Cheney, Peggy Cheney; Mr R Matthews, rep family; Jean Nankervis, rep Wicca; Joanne Hicks, Miss Margaret Curnow, Mr Ken Wilkinson, Mr and Mrs Stan and Lindsay Ayrton; Mr Steven Ellis, rep Trannack Farm; Mr Billy Collins, rep Mrs Collins and JH Allen and sons; Mr Brian Wood, rep the Godrevy Singers; Mr Roy Christophers; Mr T Ingleheart, rep the Godrevy Singers and Peter Thomas; Patrick Dennis, rep Kivells; Mr John Craze, Mr David Guswell; Mr Patrick McCotter, rep Caley and Johnathon and Gillian; Mr Denis Boase; George Stone, rep Mrs M Stone and family; Mr Edward Elson, rep Julian Elson; Mr Dennis Gill; Mr Jason Rogers, rep Derek Rogers and family; Mr AR Newport; Mr and Mrs S Curnow, rep Boskennel Shoot; Mr Andrew Richards, rep Mrs D Richards; Mr Chris Wedlock, rep Watson Fuels; Mr and Mrs Goldsmith, Mr and Mrs J Richards; Mr Andrew Badcock, rep Mrs Harrison Wells, J Laity and family, and Colin Lowry; Mr Micky Pearce, rep Mitch; Mr NR Williams; J Carne, rep Mr G Beckerleg; Mr Nicky Monies, rep Mr B Monies; Gleynis Cartmell; Martin Nicholas, rep Mr and Mrs Nicholas; Mr David Tripp, Mrs KG Tripp; Mr Roger Bone, rep Richard, Colin and Stephen Bone; Mr Andrew Sandow, James Matthews; Mr Charles Osborne, rep Margaret Osborne, Mr and Mrs JR Pearce; Mr Dennis Oates, rep Dennis, Margaret Oates; Mrs Bridgette Clamp, rep Steve Clamp, Mrs M G Nicholls, Mr and Mrs Frank Berriman and Mr John Fox; Mr G Tilly; Mr G Cottseil, rep Mrs J Cottseil; Mr G Thomas, rep Mrs R Thomas and family, Mr W Craze; Mr A Edmond, rep Mr D and Mrs S Edmond; Michael Noak, Mr G Rodda, Mr B Rodda, Mr E Eddie, RS Jenkin, Roger Richards, Bob Withers, John Cleeve; Mrs M Hollow, rep Mr L Hollow; Mrs June Roskilly, rep Roger and Brian Roskilly; Penny Harvey, rep Frederick and Derek Roskilly; Chris Eddie, T Jenkin; Steven Herald, rep Susan, Emma and David Herald; Colin Roskilly, rep Brian Gay; Paul Bailey; TH Hawkins, rep Eena and Jane Hawkins and Mr and Mrs Reny; Bernard Rowe; Carl Verrant, rep Mrs J Verrant and B Harrington; Roy Trevennen, D Oliver; Mr Roberts, rep Sandra Roberts; David Richards, rep Marilyn and Margaret Richards; Donna Hicks, rep Julian and Jemima Hicks; Mr P George (transport); TJ Rogers, Elizabeth and Derek Murrish; Stacey Taylor, rep Horace James and family; Sandy Plumber, Bernard Pooley, Mr G Hocking, Andrew Jelbert, Mr and Mrs J Hicking; TJ Mann, rep Mrs Mann and family, Mr IA Phillips; Kath and Ken Gilbert, Phillip Care, Robert Trevarthern; Chris Knowles, rep Rachel Knowles and Paul Osbourne, Mrs Leslie Osbourne; Neil Vincent, rep the Vincent family; Lachie Maclachlan; Mr and Mrs Berriman, rep TML Berriman; John Husband, rep Peter Husband; WN Gill, rep Mrs Gill; Simon Richards and family, rep Chris Taylor; Mr and Mrs JH Mann, rep the Mann family from Zennor; Terry Hawkes, rep Gillian Hawkes; David and Joan Painter, Neil and Leigh Jackson, Jayne Taylor; JC Winn, rep PJ Winn; Mr and Mrs Melvyn Charn; Peter Steer, rep Steven Green; Bob Jones; Richard Curnow, rep all at Rejarden; Coleen Hocking, Brian and Linda Curnow.

Floral tributes:

Sadly missed, I will always remember the good times we had together. With love from Joyce xxx

Fond memories of you will never die, nor will they fade as time goes by. With love from David, Gail, Ben and Matthew xxx

Donations for the Cornwall Air Ambulance Trust.

Funeral director: WJ Winn, St Ives.

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