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By The Cornishman  |  Posted: December 20, 2012

SD Chapple

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Stephen David Chapple, St Just

THE FUNERAL service at Treswithian Downs Crematorium, Camborne, was overflowing with family and friends showing their great respect for Mr Stephen David Chapple. The service was conducted by the Reverend Harry Burlton.

It was with profound sadness that the premature death of Stephen Chapple was reported on October 29, following a late diagnosis of oesophageal cancer. He was just 58.

Stephen was a principled, gentle, quiet and considerate family man, devoted to his children, and quick to give of his time to others.

He believed that life on earth was not about acquiring fame or wealth.

For most of his life, he worked for a salary that was probably a fraction of what he could have earned in almost any another profession he was qualified for because he desired to live the honest life he wanted where he wanted.

Stephen was born the eldest of three sons to well-known Penberth fisherman David Chapple and his wife Jacqueline (Jacq).

He went to St Buryan County Primary School, then Humphry Davy Grammar School, where he got three A-levels, before going on to obtain an honours degree in geological sciences from Queen Mary College in 1975.

Like all the local lads growing up, Stephen went fishing from Penberth Cove at every opportunity, with his main love crab and lobster potting.

Although Stephen only worked one fishing season full-time after graduating, he loved his fishing and he always went for a few trips in the family boats every season, as well as being a keen angler all his life.

After a brief two-week stint offshore in the North Sea as a geologist, he decided he didn't want to work away and took a job at the West Cornwall Hospital so he could carry on living in Penberth.

He met and married Janet (née Thorne), and they had two lovely daughters, Sarah and Hannah, who brought him the sort of happiness and contentment only daughters can bring a man.

After several years, he took a post with South West Water, which he held until he was forced from work by his illness in mid-2012.

Stephen loved his gardening, with spare time spent transforming the meadow next to his cottage in Penberth into the most beautifully manicured tatie field, with all manner of other fruit and veg heaped in as well.

Stephen was an outstandingly talented and lifelong wine-maker, and his wines were superb, capable of both enriching a night in and re-invigorating a night out.

After 49 years in Penberth, Stephen overcame his fear of living and working in strange and foreign lands and moved up to St Just in 2003.

He was married for the second time, to Anita, in 2009.

Stephen had a quick and wonderfully disarming sense of humour that lightened up many otherwise routine events. Each of his workplaces were blessed with his presence, be it the hospital, Drift Reservoir, or the back end of a potato harvester.

Stories of banter and practical jokes abounded from his co-workers.

Many wondered if any work actually got done, but it did – Stephen's humour just made doing it a lot easier.

His wit was not all verbal and as a skilled artist, any number of impromptu cartoons, captions, and modifications were made to otherwise sensible media left lying around.

Stephen always loved music, and his enthusiasm and persistence meant that many people went with him to see new bands that we had never heard of, most at the 'Wints' in Penzance in the 1970s, with varied genres, metal, rock, punk/new wave, reggae and ska; some of the them became very big names, such as The Stranglers, The Police, Talking Heads, Elvis Costello, the Sex Pistols and The Ramones, to name just a few.

Stephen was a lifelong distance runner and one of the fittest people you could hope to meet.

Up until diagnosis, he regularly ran half and full marathon races with times not that far removed from elite runner status.

He gave of his time to his local running clubs, and in part through his enthusiasm and love of running, the 10km Road Race in St Levan was born and has been the most incredible success.

Stephen's 2002 course time (when he would have been 48) remains the current best by a St Levan Parish runner.

Children were unanimous in liking 'Uncle Steve' and his easy mix of animal noises (especially his scary elephant noise), weasel faces, scary moustaches, made-up characters, stories and playing the fool made visits to Uncle Steve the most popular choice for a visit.

Stephen also loved animals and was brilliant with all pets.

He was particularly good with the ferrets, somehow always evading the teeth where others could not, although never did the 'down the trousers' thing.

Liked and respected by all who knew him, and without a bad word to say of anyone, Stephen will be greatly missed by his local community.

He is survived by his mother, Jacqueline; wife, Anita; daughters, Sarah and Hannah; his brothers, Billy and Martin, and his stepsons and stepdaughter, Robert, Martin and Rose.

Family and friends attending: Anita Chapple, wife; Mrs Jacqueline Chapple, mother; Sarah and Kevin, daughter and partner; Hannah and Andy, daughter and partner; Mr Billy Chapple, brother; Joseph Chapple, nephew, and Tertia; Mr Martin Chapple and Mrs Sarah Chapple, brother and sister-in-law; Logan Chapple and Cliona Chapple, nephew and niece; Robert Jackson, Kate Jackson, Flynn and Noah, stepson and wife, and grandsons; Martin Jackson and Megan Val Baker, stepson and partner; Rose Jackson, stepdaughter, rep Paul Clayden; Keith Richards, brother-in-law; Mrs Penny Worledge, cousin, and Mr David Worledge; Oriana Rogers, cousin, and Steven Parade; Cathy Matthews, cousin; Margaret and John Richards, D Jackson, Mrs Beryl Jackson, Janet Chapple, Ro George; David Morgan, formerly of Hayle Runners; Simon Green, Nigel and Julie Jelbart, Nick Jelbart, Ruth Callard Rogers, Steve Bromiloco, Terry Goode; Mrs Rosalind Eddy, T Eddy, Roy Eddy, Hugh Eddy; Steve Gibson, Phil Jackson and Vanessa Jackson; Jeanette and Nigel, St Just; Becky Hawker, South West Water; Neville Hosking, Craig Smith, Geoff Cole, Geoff Letchford, Graham Storer, Yvonne Turner, Melissa and Viv Hall; Lucy, Ben, Nigel, Tina/Manning/Payne; Ian and Sue Matthews, Mount's Bay Harriers; John Parkes; Mark Hillson, rep Gary Furse, Brian Blake, James King; Anne Nichols, rep South West Water; Maria Pine; Steve Buse, rep South West Water; Richard Cardew, Guy Doble, Mike Galligan, Lenny Wearne; Anthony Burrows, rep Hayle Runners; Cresswell Burrows, rep Simon Grose, Hayle Runners; Alan Shepherd, rep Hayle Runners; David and Bridget Hugh-Jones, rep Tristan and Vicky Hugh-Jones; Robert George, Tim and Madeline Tanner, Jon Tanner, Lindsey Butterfield; Zoe Curnow, rep the trustees of the Minack; John Ley, rep St Buryan Garage; Kim Pascoe, rep Janet, Amy and Jessica; Andrea Semmens, rep Derek and Morwenna Semmens; Bridget, Simon and Daisy Gibbs; Gary Furse, rep South West Water; John Athmasias, rep South West Water; Arthur Thomas, Duncan Harvey; Tracy Wilde, Brigitte Kaufhold, Aisling Owen and Gail Gregory, rep the Minack; Alan Thomas, rep South West Water; John Taylor, Brian Nott; Stewart Townsend, rep Hayle Runners; Dr Kim Gibbs, school friend; Annette Rossiter, Tim Ball, Mike Jervis, Steve Wills, Colin Tinkler, rep South West Water; Mr M Toll, rep Mrs B Toll; Steve Wills, Brian Blake; Andrew Thompson, Stithians W; Phil Barkle, rep Stithians and the college; Jason Lang, rep South West Water; Nigel Kimpton, Rob Szlichta, Gary Cockill, Tony Rollinson; Bill Tonkin, rep Carlin Aston; Roger Gilford, Phil Menear, David Harris; Janet Semmens, Ardensawah Farm; Ray and Margaret Tuffnell, Rhia Haywood, Lois Wild, Ronnie James, Clive Hibbert, Stephen Law, Ruannan Law, Mary Law; Adam Vague, rep Tecker Ltd; Gibson James, Janette Brown, Theresa Moran; Val Pinkett, rep Christine Ede; Richard Warren, Lucy Birbek, Roger Weisman; Chris and Janice South, rep Jack, Jean and Chris Williams; Averil Prior; Mrs MA Rowe, rep Mr CS Rowe and Mr and Mrs PA Thorne; Andy Moore, rep Hayle Runners; Deborah Childs, Chris Childs; Philip Rowe, rep Hayle Runners; Claire Elliott, WR Bone, David Lutey; Mr J Hall, rep Nigel Hall and Ian Hall; Paul Venn, Geoffrey Polglase; Mike Conboye, rep the trustees of the Minack Theatre; Gillian Hall, rep Mr and Mrs Tristan Ley and Mr Stephen Thomas; Lynn Batten, rep C Batten and Mr and Mrs Rowe; Penny Batten, rep the family and Favell Briggs; Richard and Angela King, Richard Ede; Eddy Holmes, rep Ben, Ali, Chris, Josh, and Little Ed with love; Brenda Bolitho, rep the Bolitho family and Anne Bruce; Mrs Margaret Jeffery, rep David Jeffery; Gareth Morgan, Simon Davis, Bethany Clemens; Chris and Liz Clemens, rep Vinnie, Richard, Colin and Anthony, with love; Hazel Clemens, Ryan Tracey, Chris Clemens; Terri and Jim Strick, rep Sam and Freya; Neville Brown, rep Hayle Runners; Anne Curnow, rep Wendy Topsey; Ian Phillips, rep Interserve; Mel Mayers, rep South West Water; Gerald Rowe, Neil George.

Chosen bearers: Chris Clemens, John Clemens, Kevin Hall, Malcolm Bryant.

Floral tributes:

In loving memory of my devoted Husband, however far away, I will always love you. However long I stay, I will always love you, Your Sweetheart xxxx

In loving memory of a dear Son, to a wonderful firstborn child, always a joy and so much loved, Mother xxx

In loving memory of a Dear Dad, miss you lots and lots, Much love from Sarah and Kev xx

In loving memory of a Dear Dad. Dad, thank you for the love, laughs and support you've given me over the years, you will always be in my thoughts, all my love, Han xx

In loving memory, thank you for all the little things as well as all the big things, See you next time, Rob and Kate xxx

In loving memory of a dear Dad, my love meets you high in the sky, where your spirit resides. Thank you for showing my Mum the truest love, Martin xx

In loving memory. Stephen, what a joy it was to have you join our family, Thank you for making so many years so much fun and full of laughs, You'll always be my wonderful Stepdad, Love you always, Rose xxx

In loving memory of our tallest Grandad, We're going to miss all the things we thought you'd teach us. We hope daddy remembers and tells us when we're bigger. We love you very much xxx Flynn and Noah xxx

To a wonderful person, may the fire within you always burn bright, with love Megan x

With love from Billy, Joseph and Tertia xxx

With love from Martin, Sarah, Logan and Cliona, Adam and Jamie xxxx

There were family flowers only and donations were received for Macmillan Cancer Support and Cornwall Hospice Care (St Julia's Hospice)

Funeral directors: Burroughs & Kearey, The Rear of Barwis Terrace, Penzance.

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