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Obituaries: David Terence Kliskey, St Ives

By The Cornishman  |  Posted: July 07, 2011

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David Terence Kliskey, St Ives

BEDFORD ROAD Methodist Church was filled to overflowing for the funeral of David Terence Kliskey, of St Ives, who died recently aged 68.

The service was conducted by Pastor Kenny Bassett and the hymns Sweet Is TheWork My God And King, How Great Thou Art and Abide With Me were accompanied by organist Edward Perkin.

Interment followed in Longstone cemetery.

A moving tribute to her father, written and read by daughter Nadine, was received with warm applause as were memories of David recalled by Malcolm Clatworthy, and a poem written by Robin Davies and read by nephew Bradley Pearn.

David is survived by his wife Margaret and daughter Nadine. His son Ivan pre-deceased him in 2005.

Family and friends attending:

Mrs M Kliskey, (widow); Miss N Kliskey, (daughter); Mrs S Thomas, (sister); Mrs J Cox, (sister); Mr N Kliskey and Mrs R Parker, (brother and partner); Mrs M Penaluna and Mr B Baker, (sister and partner); Mrs J Hatch, (aunt); Mr and Mrs A Thomas, (nephew and wife); Mrs A Miles-Thomas.

Mr and Mrs P Stevens, (niece and husband); Mr and Mrs R Davies, (niece and husband); Mr and Mrs M Morris, (niece and husband); Mr and Mrs N Penaluna (godson and wife).

Great nieces and nephews: Mr and Mrs R Parr, Miss S Lorton, Danielle Pearn and Karl Dark, Bradley Pearn, Natasha Davies and Sam Ryde, Carl Davies, Victoria and Courtney Brickstock, Charlotte Bennett, Adam Kliskey-Wilkie.

Mr and Mrs J Tregenza, (cousin and husband); Mrs J Stephens, (cousin).

Friends: Malcolm Clatworthy, (Mrs Odgers, Mrs K Nash, Mr P Thomas); Rex Richards, (MC Nichols); Alex Richards, Tara Abbondandolo, (Jordan Richards); John Harvey, (Pam Harvey, Mr and Mrs R Pontifract); Mr DJ Jenkin, (Mrs MJ Jenkin); Mr and Mrs Roy Trevennen, Mark Richards, (John Austin); David and Frances Phillips, (Paul and Samantha Grose, Louise, Ellis, Julian Phillips); Sam Bassett, Mr W Hancock, (Mrs S Hancock, Mrs D Ockwell); Derek Pomphrey, Nicky Pomphrey, Jessie Evans, (C Ninnis, Barbara Cocking, Brian Joy, Sue and Dave Olds); Mary Farrell (Mr T Farrell); Phyllis Bennetts, (Steven and Alan Bennetts); Mr and Mrs J Jago, (Mr B Jago); Mr and Mrs M Hosking, (Dr Lisa Hosking); John Simmons, (West Cornwall Golf Club Seniors); Annie Evans, Ken Evans, Helen Dugdale, (Ladies' Section West Cornwall Golf Club); Roger Dugdale, Dave McIntosh, Brian Hosken, (Wendy Hosken); Myra Veal, (Nigel and Darren Veal, Linde and Martin Bignell); Lynda Morlaine, (Daniel, Mia, Amelie, Samuel – Australia); Mr D Bassett, Mr D Badcock, (Mrs A Badcock, Mr and Mrs H Shoulders, Masonic Province, Cornwall); Mr TRG Norris 6309, (Mr DMS Williams 6014); Mrs VL Norris, Roger and Heather Angove, Barbara Sachak, (Jenny and Lieke).

Norman Laity, (Laity family); Chris Roach, (Mr T Rockey); Jennie Dickinson, Paula Roderick, Margaret Clatworthy, William Stevens, Margaret and Peter Bailey, Dorothy Marks, (Mr E Marks, Mr Nick Simpson, Mr and Mrs D Tremelling, Cornerstone Theatre – formerly St Ives Operatic); Ann Buckley, Mr and Mrs B Roach, Mrs A Stratton (Mr V Stratton, Peter and Maartje, Ruth and Richard); Lloyd Eddy, (Mrs J Eddy); Naomi Champion-Merrill, (Graeme, Thai, Arwen, Briar); Mary Rowe, (Gillian Rowe); Pete Newell, (Val Newell); David and Elaine Pearce, Shirley Beck, (Kidz R Us); Michele Hammett, Mary Hugo, (Christopher and Kathleen Care); Richard Banfield, Peter and Sandra Macgregor, Margaret Collier, Eric Collier, Nick Allen, (Jeff Lowry); Mike Jay, Mr H Hunter, (Trenwith Lodge); Peter Ede, (Trenwith Lodge, Christine and Cecil Dunn); Mr and Mrs CR Prisk, Mr S Trevorrow, Harold Lucas, (Elizabeth Lucas); Mr E Woolcock, Mr P Darlow, Phillip Holder, Mr J Matthews, (Mr M Matthews, Mr Roy Hugo, Mr and Mrs K West); Mr Terry Johns, David Willey, (Kit Ninnes, Bill Humphys); Mr S Murphy, (Mrs R Murphy and Mrs P Murphy); Lynne Crowston, Yogi King, (St Ives Lions); Roger Dodds, (Valerie Dodds); Lynsey Harvey, (Yvonne and Derek White and Jonathan Harvey); Gail McKenny, Malcolm Holmes, (Linda Holmes); Simon Foster, Mary Dobbin, Laura Beard, Andrew Beard, Wendy Beard, (Sarah Beard, Mr and Mrs Mike Parsons); Beryl Flemming, (Teddy and Angela Oberhansli); Margaret and John Tregenza, (Scales family); Mrs D Mason, Geoff Mason, Ray Darlinson, (Trenwith Lodge); Mr and Mrs B Jones, (Natalie Jones); William Thomas, Beryl Ray, Joe Jeavons, David Brian, (Anne, Brian, Doreen and Ken Brian); Mr Michael Couch, (Mrs Couch); Mr and Mrs Lesley Stevens, (Graham, Val and Cheryl); Mr Harry Waters 6309, Mr and Mrs Margaret and Paul Sandow, (Michael); Mr Oakley Eddy, (Peter and Moria Eddy); Mr Syd Daniels, Mr and Mrs Cara and Andy Smith, Mr Jerry Parker, Michael J Richards, RS Jenkin, (Mrs MP Jenkin and Mrs M Richards).

Mr and Mrs J Washington, (Jean, Frank and girls); Mr P Hounsone, (Grace and Harry); Mrs S Stevens, Mrs J Richards, (Maureen Humphries and Maureen Cocking); Miss Fay Gilbert, (Ian Timms); Mr and Mrs M Andrews, Mr and Mrs David and Mary Jones, (Mr and Mrs John and Moria Paton – Australia); Mr and Mrs Terry and Ann Curnow, Mr and Mrs Malcolm and Carole Lack, Mr and Mrs Ken Wood, Mr and Mrs D Mallett, Mrs P Holloway, Mr and Mrs H Kagan, (Mr and Mrs H Trevarthan); Mr and Mrs DS Perry (Ian and Lisa Rule and Mrs A Sweet); Mr and Mrs Nick and Catherine Clatworthy, Mr and Mrs Dennis and Esme Boase, (Mr and Mrs G Stone); Mr and Mrs J Beavis, (family, Mr and Mrs F Beavis and Cynthia and Patrick Bennett and family); Mr and Mrs Allan Howells, Mr Peter Rendell, (Marina Derreck); Mr and Mrs Shirley and Jeff Murt, (Mr and Mrs Margaret and Michael Hicks); Gareth Evans, Jason Broadway, Mr E Bassett, (family); Raymond Stevens, (family and Peter Freeman); John Embley, (Mr and Mrs Paynton); Darren Embley, Ruth Trevorrow, Mrs Toman, Wendy Inch, Joan Symons, David Bishop, Mr B Hembrough, Alison Elston, Mr and Mrs Tammy and Ivan Clarks, Vanessa Linscott, (Floris Linscott); Mr and Mrs Ralph Stephens, Amy Matthews, Howard Jenkyn, (Mrs V Jenkyn); Edward Jenkyn, (Brenda Jenkyn and Mr and Mrs Richard Rowe); Geoffery and Susan Harry, (Linda and Wendy); Alan Williams, Edward Perkin, Felicity Rowe, (Laura); Elizabeth and John Beard, Margaret Bryan, Jacki Rothwell, Harry Redfern, (Nichola); J Pascoe, (M Lander, Mr and Mrs CH Andrews and C Pearson); Dawn Martin, (Mrs J Preston); Gary Rawlings, (Melanie, Luke and Frank); Marlene Shorthouse, Emma Champion, Pat Champion, (Liz Noall); Nicky and Linda Roache, Paul and Diana Roache, Sue Cocking, Anthony Beard, (Audrey Beard); Mr T Sullivan, (John); Sandra McTaggart, (John); David Mears, (Tregenna Lodge); Paul Gale, (PGL Cornwall); Clyde Kevern, (George Stone); Gill Hughes, R Harding, (RC Harding and Anne Uren).

Eddie Turner, (Laverne); Marion Richards, (Launa and Jane); Wendy Laity, (family); Alan Ross, Keith Lawson, (Tregenna Lodge); David Hawken, (Ann Hawken); Alec and Susan Ellis, David Jenkins, (Mrs C Jenkins and Brian Jenkins); John DeSeta, (West Cornwall Golf Club); Terry Tonkin, (Mrs C Tonkin); Michael Morgan, Richard McSweeney, Sylvia Dunn, (Winnie Lane and Marcia O'Donnell); Derek Mann and Simon Mann, Mr and Mrs R Beard and Katherine, Christine Rowe, John Beard, Barry Woolcock, (Susan); Jean Rowe, (Peter Rowe); Mr Brian Portman, Jess Lawry, (S Lawry); Mr and Mrs Trisha Thomas, Mrs J Spencer, (St Ives School); Valerie Patrick, Kevin Nankervis, (Mr and Mrs J Nankervis, Liam Nankervis, M Ferrell and B Jenkin); Ken Wilson, (Prim); Keith Walker, (Yvonne); Brian Bruce, (Sheelagh); Mr and Mrs Richard Glasson, Celia Cockcroft, (Lucy); Harry Hughes, Martin and Anne Mason, Louise Always, (Nicholls family); Peter Verran, Gary Cox, David Pearson, Jonathan and Margaret Sobey, (AA); Joshua Jones, (AA); Trevor and Margaret Richards, Jeff Southwell, Mr and Mrs K Stevens, Mr MA Trewartha, (David and Christine Hain and Mr and Mrs Geoff Kitchen); Bev Prophet, (Gladys Thomas and Cynthia and Tommy Philips); Sylvia Rule, Yvonne O'Hara, (Jan and Dave Morris, Jodieanne and Keith English, Mr and Mrs Mike Pascoe).

Floral Tributes:

Fondest memories of my darling husband. I will miss you so much. All my love as always, Margaret xxxxx

In Loving Memory. To my Daddy, you are now (and always have been) a star ... MY STAR!

You'll be walking through life with me, every step of the way.

I'll miss you so very much, even those rubbish jokes.

THANK YOU for making me who I am.

My Father's Daughter.

Be a good boy! I love you

Xxx Deeny Weens xxx

To my brother, uncle and great uncle, Rest in Peace

With all our love, Norman, Rosemary, Debbie, Marc, Adam, Amy, Karen and Daniel xxxxx

In Loving Memory of dear David, brother and uncle/

godparent. With love, Marlene, Bill, Nigel and Claire xxx

In Loving Memory of our

special uncle David. You'll be forever missed, Julie and Anthony, Stacey and Rob, Steph and Dan

One golden heart stopped beating

Two loving eyes rest

God breaks our hearts to prove to us

He only takes the best

Treasured memories of my dear brother David. God Bless. Your loving sister June

If tears could build a stairway and memories a lane

I'd walk right up to heaven and bring you home again

You'll be sadly missed as we loved you so much, uncle David

You'll always be in our thoughts forever, Alison, Robin, Carl, Tasha and family

A fantastic entertaining

loving uncle and great uncle David

We shall all miss you dearly but have wonderful memories, All our love, Dee and Pete, Bradley and Dani, Karl, Katie and Tom

With fondest memories of uncle David, With love Johnathan, Rachael and family

To uncle David In Loving Memory, From Victoria, Courtenay and family

In Loving Memory of a very special uncle David, From Alan, Jeanette and family

In loving remembrance of uncle David, From Averil, Max and family

Always remembered very sadly missed

All our love

Robert, Pat, Kathryn, Phil and Elisha xx

In Loving Memory dear


From Auntie Jessie

To David,

Loved and remembered always

From Alvin, Hayley and


With love and treasured memories of David

From Sylvia

David lovingly remembered by Margaret and John

Mark and Jane and family

Rest in Peace

In God's care you rest above

In our hearts you rest with love

Memories of you are our's to keep

Our words are few, but our love is deep.

Donations for Cornwall

Hospice Care Ltd (St Julia's) to date are £1,050.

The funeral director was WJ Winn, Trenwith Terrace, St Ives.

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