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Man with £4,565 debts to pay £5 a fortnight

By The Cornishman  |  Posted: January 23, 2014

A MAN facing court debts of £4,565 dating back to 2011 told District Judge Richard Blake no one could get blood from a stone, and his efforts to pay off the money at the rate of £1 a week had been ignored.

Kevin Singh, who said he was of no fixed address and sofa-surfing, said there had been appeals of his before a higher court which were still pending.

"I have been trying to arrange something since August last year and it has been ignored. I have offered £1 a week but it has been ignored. I can pay £2.50 today.

"I cannot be held liable for someone else's problem. You cannot get blood from a stone. I don't have monies."

District Judge Blake told him: "I suspect the court would have fined you a great deal less in the past if they had known about your means. You are digging a hole for yourself, and I take the view this is wilful, culpable neglect."

Singh, who refused an offer of legal representation at no cost to himself, repeated that he was continually ignored in his efforts to pay.

Mr Blake said despite Singh saying appeals were still being pursued, he felt the time had come for the court to enforce the fines owing.

"I am bound to conclude that many of these problems are of his making due to his attitude and approach with regard to these fines and other government officers. His prevarication and failure to pay has amounted to wilful neglect. This is a deliberate course of action to avoid payment."

Singh was ordered to pay £5 a fortnight while he remains unemployed.

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