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Father and son's attack left man off work for two weeks

By The Cornishman  |  Posted: December 20, 2012

THE victim of a street attack by a father and son in Penzance one night was off work for two weeks with his injuries and lost £750 in income, Truro magistrates heard.

The incident was witnessed by a former doorman, Matthew Bugden, who stepped in-between the three men and protected Guy Hallam from any further injury.

Manjit Buran, 31, and Amrik Singh, 56, of Market Jew Street, Penzance, pleaded guilty to jointly assaulting Mr Hallam by beating on July 22.

Graham Calderwood, for the Crown Prosecution Service, said Mr Hallam was knocked to the ground, curling up to protect himself, and had lost consciousness before being treated by paramedics.

He had a black eye, a graze on his nose and a sore leg.

Mr Bugden had been in Matts Bar where the three men were and had been concerned when he saw them arguing.

He followed them when they left, intending to try and diffuse the situation.

He saw Singh punch Mr Hallam in the face, causing him to fall down, and then saw Buran kick him in the head "like a football".

"Mr Bugden thought Mr Hallam was going to be killed and got in between them to protect him," said Mr Calderwood.

Dieter Kehler, for the defence, alleged that six months' earlier Mr Hallam had assaulted Buran's girlfriend.

When they met in Matts Bar, Buran confronted him and received " a very flippant and quite insulting response", accompanied by a racist comment. Buran had been upset and considered this had not been an unprovoked situation.

Buran was now said to be living in Leicester. The case was adjourned for probation reports.