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False widow spider in Marazion greenhouse

By The Cornishman  |  Posted: January 23, 2014

Poisonous noble false widow spider found in a greenhouse in Marazion.

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A POISONOUS noble false widow spider has been found in a greenhouse in Marazion.

The spiders, which hit the headlines last year as the UK's most venomous specie, have been known to bite humans, with the effects similar to that of a bee sting.

The Marazion arachnid was discovered by Dr Malcolm Brown, who said: "I don't mind spiders, but I didn't like the look of this one as it had a whitish mark on its back.

"I took a picture of it and sent it off to the Natural History Museum."

The experts at the museum quickly identified it as a noble false widow, and advised Dr Brown that he should not be too worried by his greenhouse guest.

He said: "This specie has been mentioned in a number of recent media reports.

"The expert said there is no need to panic as this is not a 'deadly' spider by any stretch of the imagination, they are known to bite but typically the bite is no worse than a wasp sting.

"However, people who are particularly allergic may suffer an adverse reaction and in that case are advised to contact their doctor or A&E without delay."

The noble false widow is believed to have been resident in the UK for more than a century, having first arrived on boats into the south of England.

The spiders have since spread north, and it is possible to find one almost anywhere south of Scotland.

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